Only one sexy!!!

“There is only one DJ ART LOVE. Only one indeed! And he is the original ultimate, since alpha till omega, legendary Real Art Love who is live in Washington DC, Kingston Jamaica & Johannesburg South Africa. Many imitations will come but JAH says they must fall flat!” @realartlove

“When the Real DJ Art Love arrives at your boogie, you know the gentle superstar is inside the place without a single doubt. Why? Because you will & must taste the legendary spirit in the air. Oh, yes! The heavens & earth will tell you so, long before we even string up. Luxury unforgettable!”

“We spend hours listening to new music daily so we can pick only the best, the sexiest from the thousands. Then we listen to the best so we can weed out some more. So, when you select the Real Love, you rock with the final sexy cool. The line between music & noise is very thin!”

“So when & why the Real DJ Art Love? When you are looking for someone who really knows his music, inside out… If the DJ really understands the high end from the bottom end… When you are sure that the Real Art Love has soul deep down the waist line to the sole of the feet…. When you know there can be no messy glitches or hiccups… When you want class & finesse inside your space… When you don’t want to take a chance with some college kid who decided to call himself or herself a DJ just last night… When you don’t just come “on the cheap cheap” because that will most certainly guarantee your event a very bad & noisy DJ.  So, if you are picky about your music section!?!!!”

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Weddings & Memories of Making Beautiful Love

Getting married is in the air these days & that means many weddings that demand the best music man & beautiful memories. This where the only DJ who matters comes to the rescue: The Real Love DJ {Art Love} the legendary maker of love himself… The soul man who shows up quick~dash like the arrow of Cupid… And the ultimate definition of sexy cool.  So, who is cooler than the coolest of all DJs? Art Lovr, the best DJ to nurse your needs when your love making mood needs attention.  Real Art Love, the heavy beat & heavy rotation DJ, is live in Washington DC, Baltimore Maryland, Virginia Beach & Richmond VA rva.

DJ Art Love live in Maryland

Best DJ for weddings in Maryland [MD], Washington DC, Richmond VA Virginia [RVA]
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