Formalities for Events / Q&A


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One price, full service: Professional top end DJ + Professional modern lighting & beautiful colors


Events canceled up to 2 days before are absolutely free! If you cancel once we have setup, we will still charge the full amount.

Three undisputed make-or-break for any event are the weather, security & everyone’s health.”

  • Sickness or ill-health
  • Vehicular failure or accident while operating a motor vehicle to the venue of event
  • Outdoor events with no shelter from the Sun / extreme heat or extreme cold conditions
    • We can be quite selective with outdoor events during extreme weather conditions
    • Whenever you plan an outdoor event, always plan as though the event will be held indoors first
      ◦ So, if the event is outdoors, you must provide an evacuation plan in case of bad weather
  • Security concerns at the venue of event, including a bad neighborhood, unruly crowds or thuggery
    • Your audiences or guests are your responsibility. Please instruct them not to cause unnecessary stress or fuss with the DJ; please do not let your guests embarrass you!
  • Bad venue, which can mean:
    • Hosting an event in a residential neighborhood without regard to county or city noise ordinances
    • Hosting an event without, or forgetting to secure, a proper beer, wine or hard liquor license / permit
    • Filthy, dirty, unhygienic, unbecoming, untenable venue
  • Dishonesty in descriptions of the event or venue before booking & confirmation are completed
  • Some other unforeseen stressful circumstances

As you may imagine, these issues may arise from any direction, including the local law enforcement agencies and municipal governments overseeing the venue of event. If any of these should apply, we agree to cancel then re-schedule, with newer improved conditions in consideration. From experience of rotating killer records on dance floors throughout the world for many years, the best events have been events free from stress; events that are planned properly, planned with a proper budget & held under a beautiful, welcoming venue. A happy performing artist makes for a beautiful performance!

Automatically canceled events [canceled without discussion / zero tolerance] are those that involve:

  • Excessive stress, oppression, pestilence, racism, enslavement, subjugation, harassment [whether physical, sexual, psychological or emotional] or de-humanizing conditions of any kind
  • Violence or altercation of any nature
    • Criminal behavior, if that criminal activity comes to affect the event directly
    • Which also means crime committed by parties / individuals heading to or coming from the event

None of these should matter at all if you simply make an effort to do what is correct. That is all we ask!”

Payments & Pricing

  • We cannot accept personal checks unless the checks are deposited into our accounts and funds are disbursed well in advance
  • We will accept cash for most events that are not large like concerts, which means we accept cash for events that do not involve big contracts
  • Please make the cash payment at about half way through the event because we usually have other events, concerns or heavy travel to attend to soon after one is complete
  • If you will be paying cash, it means you are working with us directly without a middleman, promoter or broker like,, / and so forth
    • This will be cheaper because we don’t apply any booking fees
    • If you are communicating with DJ Art Love through a broker or promoter like or, you will have to pay them the entire lump-sum upfront [which means our payment + their booking fees + taxes]
  • We are currently working on accepting credit / debit cards, mobile device app payments and newer / emerging forms of payment

Flat rate or per hour?

  • One flat amount & you have us for the entire event
    • One date / one day only, not multi-day events [we can negotiate multi-day events separately]
      • Remember to space things out because events scheduled back-to-back can be taxing on the body

How do you make prices?

  • What we charge depends on many factors like:
      • Demand or how busy we are during the target time frame; the geographical region; distance to travel; equipment your event will require; the length of the event; if we perceive too much stress & so forth
      • We do employ or deploy deterrents in our pricing
        • It is just the truth that we do tweak our pricing to perfection with a purpose of avoiding / filtering out / circumventing problem or stressful events &/or audiences
        • Please do not take this to heart because it may come off as harsh but, just as any business person may bear testimony, we have encountered quite challenging circumstances in the past and it is for those reasons only!
    • These are just some situations as to why you must be honest about your event so we can price fairly
  • As things come up & you make adjustments, please update us about all changes so we may adjust ourselves and the pricing accordingly

Do you need a deposit or retainer to lock the date?

  • No, not for events that are smaller than concerts or one date only / one time only / non-recurring events because the payments are usually relatively small

So, when can I get the contract please?

  • Consider this document and all correspondences between us, like text messages and email messages, as a binding and perfectly legal agreement


Concerns of DJ Art Love

  • Date & times of the event
  • Address & a rough idea of size of the venue
  • A rough estimate of the number of people expected
  • Please provide a sturdy table near an AC power outlet [waist high & about 4 feet wide]
  • Whether suburb / residential or pure inner city conditions, you must provide parking please!
  • Format or style of the music & an idea of the entertainment you expect
  • Please feel free to provide your favorite songs on CD, USB stick or mobile device
    • Songs must have no profanity / find clean edits of songs in case they contain foul language
    • USB sticks must be clean & free of viruses
    • Gather all songs before the show starts please
    • At a certain small segment during the performance, we usually invite guests to plug in their mobile device – they are usually very eager – so we may enjoy their favorite songs via video over the Internet
  • We usually like to arrive way early so we can be sure everything is working well
  • We will allow only one tear down during the event then move to a different location, no more than one tear down please
  • Feel free to assign a member of your family to coordinate and direct the show and we will follow their lead
  • We certainly appreciate no smoking but not too tough!

[The following may not be so important but in case you have the time]

Questions & Concerns of the Client

What is included in the cost of my event?

  • Disco lighting for the DJ section + up-lighting for lively colors in the event or wedding venue
  • Heavy duty Samsung mobile devices
  • 2 world class Technics digital turntables
  • World class DJ mixer by Rane [Rane TM57SL with Serato professional DJ technology]
  • 2 microphones
    • One crisp professional wireless designed by Audio Technica for big name performers
  • 4 speakers loud enough to wake the neighborhood [we can pile up more depending on event]
    • 2 Electro-Voice speakers for the bottom bass frequencies + 2 Roland tops
  • All the cabling required
  • All the technical engineering, knowledge & experience required to put on a really great & memorable show!
  • Real, professional, polished DJ with serious international travel, heavy experience & formal education; a true boutique DJ with the organic, down-to-earth celebrity presence to match.
  • No counting or pinching hours on your event [you have DJ Art Love for the evening & that is it!]
  • Incredible killer music & entertainment all evening


  • Yes! Sure thing but you must be able to read karaoke lyrics on small 4-inch mobile device screens
  • We have a huge catalog of karaoke songs already but please let us know well in advance so we can prepare the instrumental songs you may like
  • We will open the DJ set for a short time during the event for audiences who wish to sing live on the microphone
  • You may also bring your own mobile device so we can hook it up to the sound system to play your favorite song, video or live stream [your content must be free from profanity or unsettling content]

Would like to meet face…

  • Why not? However your event will arrive sooner than the blink of an eye. So, let’s meet quickly.

Can we do rehearsals of the procession?

  • Normally the answer is, “No,” because time is very limited on any single day
  • Besides, we have done so many events & we have so much experience to be able to read the mood & interpolate as the event progresses
  • Someone, a loved one from your family, is also usually appointed to direct the musical performance as the event unfolds
  • If you insist, however, the charge per rehearsal is $180 cash

My fiancee is a Nigerian…

  • Perfect! We have done many events for the Nigerian community
  • We are perfectly international, well exposed to many cultures & carry a heavy-punching repertoire of international hits, as well as international folk music, commonly known as World Music
  • We have also performed at Arabic, Romanian, Indian, plenty Reggae/Dancehall, Euro styles & many more world events
  • Smooth Jazz & Classic Jazz during dining certainly [Kenny Latimore, Boney James, Earl Klugh, Luis Armstrong, Kenny G, Grover Washington, Najee, David Sanborn + plenty]

We are not into the rappers and especially no vulgar language/songs

  • Perfect! We have covered millions of miles to source & curate music without violence, racism or profanity for many years now
  • We took the decision to cater to family-friendly audiences, culturally / racially diverse, lovers / couples & mature crowds from the very beginning
  • Whenever we do an event, we become a part of those memories & we take that idea to heart with heavy seriousness

Line dances?

  • Sure thing! Chacha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Step in the Name of Love, Electric Boogie, Wobble, Mix Master Lee with the Mississippi Slide / Stomp, on and on…


  • Yes, normally we carry 2 mics
    • One wired, one high end wireless you can roam with a good 200 feet & it will speak!

Any type of lighting?

  • Yes! We carry very high end modern lighting for the DJ section & up-lighting for the wedding venue

How many people do you have working with you?

  • Only one performer [and that is me]
    • During the event you will probably only interact with me, the legendary DJ Art Love
  • The rest of our team only comes out when requested

Other recent correspondences:

  • You state you have a proper PA system, including amplifiers, speakers & it is simply a matter of hooking up turntables and throwing down a cute little party. Please confirm this!

Is it possible you could set up prior to 3pm because the event will be from 3pm-6pm?

  • Confirmed! We will arrive in your city & will be at my hotel room nearby by about 11 AM. My people [you will not see them / only person you will interact with is me] will take a walk to the venue then they will tell me how things look: The weather, security details / law enforcement in the region and so forth.

Is there anything else that you would need from us?

  • Again please, outdoor events must have shelter & an evacuation plan in case of rain [easy stuff!]
    • The modern summer Sun & heat have become quite unhealthy as you can imagine!

If possible, would you be able to bring an extra extension cord?

  • We are professionals, so we have nearly everything imaginable to throw down a clean yet smashing killer party for beautiful people of all ages, & absolutely all cultural traditions without regard [a party that will make you remember DJ Art Love for all eternity!]

The date of the event is Saturday, September 9th, you stated September 2nd?

  • Sorry for the error but that glitch should not matter much please… The precise date will not change the pricing much because we are now in good heavy rotation. It’s like we are on fire already & that is very good news because it bears testimony to our impeccable excellence over many years. It is an earned affirmation that people all over the world love our style & professionalism. DJ Art Love is always on point, on time & at the drop of a dime!!! 🙂

We also want to know if you play Go-Go music?

  • Oh, sorry about that… We just sent you a sampler of all the big Go-Go hits / the biggest club shakers from over the years. We will send it once more please!

DJ Art Love Go-Go & DC Blends Down Tempo 01

Any Reggae or Soca or Calypso please because we are from the Caribbean?

  • Absolutely! You are actually speaking our language when it comes to Reggae and Caribbean blends because that is exactly where our roots are. We came from the very core of the Reggae world and there are very few Reggae selectors in the world today who have reached these heights!

We have other DJs we are interviewing as well so we are not going to lock in anything until we weigh our options and see who is the best fit for our budget.

  • Excellent! And no problem at all because that is very balanced, understandable & fair; that is precisely what we always encourage you to do
  • When you find exactly what you want, then there can be no stress… And if there is no stress, the party will be great for sure!
  • We are very confident in ourselves because we have been studying how everyone else is doing things for many years. So, we understand quite clearly where they come short & where we fit in.
  • When we show up at the venue to be with you & your loved ones, we do not just bring a DJ, but a refined entertainer, recording artist & performer of many measures. We bring along our joyful presence, an incredible image, the cultural experience, the musical education & the spirit. So, the DJ may be great for sure but the whole package in the artist person is even greater!


☆ Services by the legendary DJ Art L♡ve ☆

KiLLER DJ + LiGHTING♧ ONE PRICE, FULL SERVICE! Beautiful modern disco lighting for weddings included. Top end, chic!

CONFERENCES & MEETINGS♧ Rent our top dollar world class sound/audio systems for your conference / meeting / business / #hotel; education / TED Talk; film & broadcast; concert / live sound; exhibition & pep rally, or any other event you may think of. We have a warehouse filled with the very best up-to-date gear [Yep! We shop all day long, every day just for you]. Now, all that equipment means nothing if you do not understand all the engineering & knowledge required. Well! We are all professionally trained and we hold bachelors degrees in engineering with minors in physics and mathematics.

PHOTO STATION • PHOTO BOOTH♧ Glossy little photo station with top dollar pro cameras + shiny tablet computers. Take a photo & post online right at the party or event.

IT SUPPORT & CONSULTING♧ ImpieReal Systems is the I.T. / technical support division by DJ Art Lovr.

MAKEUP & BEAUTY♧ Gift Sting is the comfort, luxury & beauty division by the history-making Art Lover.

There can only be one DJ Art Love… Only one! And he travels with a deep catalog of clean killer music [music without violence, profanity, gangsterism or racism]. Just many years of fine tuning.

Weddings, Fashion, Corporate
Heavy Soul, R&B & Hip Hop
Heavy Reggae, Dancehall & Soca
Deep House / Soulful Electronic Dance Music & Pop
Smooth Jazz, Classical & Romance
Arabic & Indian / Bollywood
World, Latin-Salsa, African, Brazilian, Americana, European ~ DJ Art Love “the Real Live Love” ~ Gift Sting Makeup & Beauty ~ ImpieReal Systems ~ Art of Learning Math & Physics


Commentary by DJ Art Love “the Real Love”

Other names:

Love Sting, Gift Sting International, ImpieReal Systems, Live Love, Real Love & Real Art Love

You are the driver and you are the boss all the way because no stress means beautiful memories!”

On point, on time… At the drop of a dime!”

Let’s make beautiful memories together!”

There are so many DJs in the world, but there can only be one DJ Art Love!

Many years of stinging, clean, family-friendly music!”

DJ Art Love packs a punch & perfect timing at all times!”

Real organic DJs come from nature altogether. To be an authentic music man or woman you must be born with plenty soul first. From that soul comes the rhythm inside your structure. You will certainly know if you are anointed because the music will grip you hard & it will never let you go. The music will always call & appoint the DJ, and no true DJ can appoint himself or herself! There are so many people who wear the title of “DJ” in this computer age for sure… That’s no worry because there is no such a thing as a “DJ certificate” after-all. All it takes, perhaps, is some kind of a computer that can rotate songs all day long. So, can you say for sure that you know your music man or woman?”

If things do not work out at this time, no hard feelings at all & please do not despair because we can always link up in the future, under better circumstances.”