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“The line between music and noise is very very thin indeed…  So, do you really know and trust your DJ?  Does your DJ really know the history behind the sound?  Does your DJ sound like a barbie doll on YouTube or a real killer music man who makes you say, ‘Oh yeah!’…  There are too many clown DJs out there, so be careful.  There are too many people who are looking for cheap easy fame & a quick buck out there…  But no need to worry because we the real core are here now…  We have paid every price there is to pay and we are ready for the rejection that is to come.  And with grace & mercy, we have finally arrived to take back our steel & our sting…  We are here to uplift the very few chosen young people; those born with the music tattoed to their spines.  We know them when we hear them… We know them quite well!”  DJ Art Love 

♧ Art Love the DJ Live @ Wedding in Adelphi Maryland ♧ Real DJ, Real Weddings, Real Sexy ♡

“Now, this is the definition of sexy cool!  No cuss, no fuss, no mess… Just class; just smooth finesse without a struggle; just one hack of a don DJ for all eternity!”

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So, how much does a wedding DJ cost?

In the Washington DC region, $850 for a neat basic package + a big name DJ is just about good enough as of May 2018.  $1200 should give you beautiful lights throughout the venue + a boss DJ.  Higher than that, the DJ should be giving you full un-divided attention till the event is done because that will be prime time money, fit for a premier DJ.  It all depends on market conditions at the time of your inquiry and where the DJ falls “on the number line”; that is, how talented & experienced [how many appearances / performances before huge crowds, let alone weddings, has the DJ made thus far in their career?].  DJs, like all of life, learn big time from each event they perform, particularly from their mistakes, screw ups & flops.  Real professional DJs will also bring extensive technical expertise [which may come from formal education or some other career they may be pursuing, like electronics or engineering].  That is very important because the DJ must be able to come up with solutions as quickly as possible should things go wong or break down.  The DJ must have a double / second copy or back-up plan to each instrument he / she uses.  You should hire a DJ with a good IQ or someone who thinks quickly & communicates very clearly quite earlier on in the conversation.  A good technical mind is also a very important assert to the  DJ when he / she goes shopping for top-shelf, top-dollar equipment because the market place has become very complicated lately [the DJ needs to be quite educated to keep up &, thereby, buy properly or fall prey to sales people at the music store].  As you can see, you essentially pay for all these attributes & variables plus many more when you seek services of a professional DJ.

♡ DJ Art Love the King of Weddings ♡

Market conditions where you live are the true, undisputable & ultimate determining factor.  Do the people have much appreciation for the skill or art that comes with a bonafide DJ, let alone a big name DJ?  Does great music mean anything to the audiences there or is it just some kind of noise that plays in the background, like a jukebox?  Disposable incomes of the general population in that region? All in all, DJ Art Love will price based on the pull; that is, the demand. Then we will give you plenty enough equipment and an effort as according to how much you are willing to pay. If the money is too small for the effort, we will empower you with advice on how you can become your own DJ [basically, that money can be spent more wisely by investing in a nice boom box that you may use over and over].   Just as an example, a house party for college students will most likely be more challenging to the DJ and his or her equipment than a wedding.  Also, a college party event will likely pay much less.  So, with such an arrangement, we would schedule equipment just right to be able to withstand the anticipated punishing conditions.

We also make pricing so as to refine our clientele quite often.  In other words, we are selective because we use pricing as a filter so we may end up with reasonably good events.  The event does not have to be top notch but one that we can all remember with fondness.  Please keep in mind that hosting any event at all will most certainly present a good amount of stress & frustration.  That is a given, inherent & built in.  The idea for a true pro is to avoid any more stress than is necessary. 

So, how good is the DJ?  How much experience does he/she bring?  How many years have they been curating and nurturing their music?  Do they understand, or are they sensitive to, your culture and heritage?  Have they traveled internationally?  Is the equipment world class + strictly-top-dollar professional stuff or some silly toys & cheap bundles designed for learners, amateurs & wanna-be DJs?  Are they in it for fun or hobby; just as a side business; crazy about being a DJ because it is easy to meet women or is it a calling from God and nature altogether?!  How much soul does the DJ have?  How much rhythm please? What about the event itself [travel, number of guests, set-up]?

“Being a true music man or woman must be a gift from up above! ;)”

♡ The Real DJ Art Love ♡  

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