“The line between music and noise is very very thin indeed…  So, do you really know and trust your DJ?  Does your DJ really know the history behind the sound?  Does your DJ sound like a barbie doll on YouTube or a real killer music man who makes you say, ‘Oh yeah!’…  There are too many clown DJs out there, so be careful.  There are too many people who are looking for cheap easy fame & a quick buck out there…  But no need to worry because we the real core are here now…  We have paid every price there is to pay and we are ready for the rejection that is to come.  And with grace & mercy, we have finally arrived to take back our steel & our sting…  We are here to uplift the very few chosen young people; those born with the music tattooed to their spines.  We know them when we hear them… We know them quite well!”  DJ Art Love